Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of more than 2000 years in China. According to the processing technology, traditional Chinese medicine is divided into proprietary Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly originated in China, in addition to plant medicine, animal medicine such as snake gall, bear gallbladder, five-step snake, velvet antler, deer antler, etc.; crustaceans such as pearls, sea clam shells.


According to TCM theory, the flow of qi in the meridians can be improved by stimulating the acupuncture points. In traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian system in the body is responsible for transporting qi, blood and blood throughout the body, which circulates through the body and keeps the tissues and organs in balance and stable. However, when the meridian system obstruction, this time the human body will begin to appear abnormal lesions. When the needle is inserted into the human body, it will cause the body's own response, strengthen the circulation of qi and blood, overcome the obstruction of the meridian system, and restore the normal meridian system, so that the disease can be cured.

What should I prepare before treatment?

Please eat an hour or two in advance of your visit, and do not drink alcohol or caffeine. Fasting may affect efficacy and lead to dizziness after treatment.

Please wear convenient and comfortable clothes, because you need to take off some of your clothes during acupuncture treatment, but we will provide you with a thin quilt.

Don't do strenuous exercise before seeing a doctor.

Please bring a list of drugs you are taking.

Please bring along the laboratory report or X-ray of the disease..


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